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Join us on a journey of education, enrichment, and personal evolution.


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The Healing Benefits
of Water




Water is a medium that is able to amplify and send energetic wave patterns.  The ability of water to copy, memorize, and carry energetic signals and messages was shown in the 1980s by researcher Jacque Benveniste.  In an experiment, he exposed ordinary water to the recorded signals of acetylcholine and ovalbumin.  The recordings were then introduced to isolated guinea pig hearts.  The effects of the digitized water were identical to the effects on the heart produced by the actual substances of acetylcholine and ovalbumin.  This experiment and others like it, although controversial, provide insight into the importance of water in cellular communication and the ability of water to duplicate and transmit the energy frequencies of a substance.  The ability of water to copy and memorize information is also the theory behind the potentization process that is used in homeopathy (Lloyd 65). . . MORE!



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from the comfort of your own home: 


Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)Certificate Program



The Advanced Reiki Practitioner (ARP) program changed my life.  When I learned that all of our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in our body’s energy system, and that energy therapy (Reiki) realigns our subtle biofield to reduce or eliminate those emotions, well, life got a whole lot easier!  After completing both the ARP program and the Spiritual Counselor (SC) program, I feel much more centered, and I have a wonderful new job as a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher.  I would highly recommend both programs.  All of the HAI courses are very thorough, easy to follow, and incredibly interesting.  They are a must for anyone who wants to learn to thrive on a multidimensional level, or simply to expand their existing spiritual practice. 


~ Brenda Pharaoh-Kroon



I feel I have learned so much from the Dietary Wellness Course, and have really enjoyed taking it.  Having owned a vegetarian restaurant for 5 years, I know the benefits of eating healthy, but sometimes life just gets in the way of doing that.  There are many excuses for it, time, money and convenience are just a few.  Learning how to combine foods to get the ultimate nutritional value from them, foods that boost immunity and lower cholesterol are all things I have found informative and helpful.  Just reiterating the benefits of healthy eating and how it can prevent disease and protect my health are priceless.  I want to be as healthy as I can by eating the right foods and taking the right herbs and supplements.  I want to help others that don’t know about dietary wellness and eating healthy.  I find myself referring to the course information often for my friends who have questions about what foods they should or should not be eating.


~Terri Chavez, Phoenix, OR 








People are continually looking for ways to have a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life; Holistic Arts Institute’s distance learning holistic health courses and programs are carefully tailored to meet those needs.  There are multiple incentives for enrolling in HAI’s distance learning courses and programs. Here are just a few of the benefits: 


ACCREDITATION:  HAI is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Accreditation for Holistic Health programs in the United States is an entirely voluntary process. Accreditation for an institution of learning represents a validation that the school programs have been thoroughly investigated and found worthy of recognition by a qualified body. 


BOARD CERTIFICATION:  Graduates of HAI programs consisting of five or more courses qualify for Board Certification as Holistic Health Practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The application will be mailed to you upon graduation from any of our qualifying programs. You may contact the AADP at 1-888-764-AADP.  


AFFORDABILITY:  It is HAI’s mission to provide comprehensive, yet affordable, distance learning holistic health courses and programs for adult learners with a true desire to discover and explore the dimension of wholeness—body, mind, and spirit—within themselves. Our low tuition includes all of your study materials too!  


CONVENIENCE:  Course materials are accessible twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week, so you can study and learn whenever and wherever you choose. You can read and review lessens, discussions, articles, and additional commentary at anytime and as often as you would like to. You also have the convenience of studying in the comfort of your own home, or taking your HAI studies with you while traveling, working, or visiting your favorite internet café. 


FLEXIBILITY:  While some schools offer courses that require completion within a certain time frame, HAI allows students to complete courses at their convenience and work at their own pace. 


AVAILABILITY:  Students can talk to their instructors through email without waiting for specific office hours. At HAI, you are very important to us and we strive to develop a personal relationship with every student.  


QUALITY:  You can find a diverse selection of quality courses at HAI that may not be available to you where you live because there are no geographic barriers to distance learning. These learning opportunities enable you to have access to a broad spectrum of content that may not be available through other sources. 


COMPUTER LITERACY:  Using the internet to attend class, research information, and communicate with instructors at HAI promotes computer literacy. Computer skills are essential to being in harmony with a global community in the twenty-first century.  


Affordability, convenience, and flexibility are all compelling and contribute to the attractiveness of the learning opportunities at HAI. Knowledge of the world around us and the world within are both paths to personal evolution, and so allow yourself the freedom to continue learning with Holistic Arts Institute. 



A journey of a thousand miles



begins with a single step.

~ Confucius (541-479 B.C.E.)







Integrating Ancient Wisdom and

Modern Practice



Now is the time for us to remember, and return to the ancient wisdom concerning holistic and spiritual healing practices.  Science supports this ancient wisdom, with studies showing the health benefits of plants, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, energy healing, crystals, light, sound, and color.  Mainstream hospitals and medical centers are now employing complimentary health care practices, including energy and spiritual healing.  Physicians now frequently prescribe exercise, meditation, and stress reduction measures as part of their treatment programs.  Psychologists now refer their patients to hypnotherapists, psychics, astrologers, and shamans for supplemental insights.  Doctors and other practitioners now apply crystal, light, and color based therapies with powerful results.


Holistic Arts Institute (HAI) was started to integrate the ancient wisdom concerning holistic and spiritual healing with modern practice, and to provide distance learning holistic health courses and programs for adult learners with a true desire to discover and explore the dimension of wholeness—body, mind, and spirit—within themselves.  We invite you to read through the information regarding HAI’s fully accredited courses and programs and join us on a journey of education, enrichment, and personal evolution.  People are continually looking for ways to have happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.  HAI’s distance learning holistic health courses and programs are carefully tailored to meet those needs promoting both health and meaning, inspiring solidarity, love, empathy, and a sense of responsibility for each other and the environment. 


Thank you for taking the time to review our informational website. Be sure to email admissions@holisticartsinstitute.com to request our free HAI Catalog, a tremendously valuable guide to HAI and our many holistic health courses and programs.  Click the button below to sign up for our free Holistic Arts Institute Newsletter overflowing with useful information and motivational tips to help you achieve success in your studies as well as in daily life: 




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Earn a Master Herbalist, Natural Health Consultant,
or Nutritional Consultant Diploma
from the comfort of your own home:


Master Herbalist (MH) Diploma Program

Natural Health Consultant (NHC) Diploma Program

Nutritional Consultant (NC) Diploma Program



About 8 months ago I was searching for a change in my career.  As a full time hospice social worker and a mother of two, I was very excited to find a program that is self-paced and was exactly the change I was looking for.  The Holistic Arts Institute programs offer many different classes and certifications. As I am very interested in natural healing, I chose the Aromatherapy program which consists of five classes.  So far I have completed three of the five classes and have learned more than I could have hoped for.  The classes are very interesting as well as useful and informational.  The staff answers any questions I have in a timely manner and I feel I can contact them any time I need.  The price was very reasonable for the benefits I will receive at the end.  Upon completion of the program I will become a holistic health practitioner for my company. 


~Candace DePaola, PA



New Program Now Available!


Certified Subtle Aromatherapist (CSA)


You will learn how to combine two forms

of healing—aromatherapy, and subtle energy therapy.


In the HAI Subtle Aromatherapy Program, you will discover that essential oils are captured light, passed from the heavens to us by plants. . . . You will deepen your exploration of aromatherapy with subtle aromatherapy essentials, including the subtle properties of essential oils; how they can be used for restoring the aura; and how they can be used for correcting chakra imbalances.  You will be provided with the subtle properties of forty essential oils, as well as botanical, historical, and anecdotal information concerning them.  MORE INFORMATION! 





We may learn from teachers that we meet along the path, from the Higher Self, from books, from experiences, or from continued education.  The main thrust of the life force, and of evolution itself, is to become smarter, to obtain more and more information, and incorporate that information into ever more sophisticated systems of understanding. 


At Holistic Arts Institute, it is our mission to provide

comprehensive, yet affordable, distance learning

holistic health courses and programs for adult learners

with a true desire to discover and explore the dimension of

wholeness—body, mind, and spirit—within themselves.


Being a holistic practitioner is not so much a job as it is a mission in which you come to perceive the dimension of wholeness within yourself and then support others in discovering this dimension within themselves.  In essence, a holistic practitioner is a teacher and a coach who empowers their clients to create internal and external environments that are conducive to holistic health. 


The most important quality that a teacher may possess is that they are eager to learn new things and expand their knowledge base, and experiment with better ways to achieve positive outcomes.  The greatest gift that such enduring learners may bestow upon their clients is to inspire them to also become enduring learners.  Knowledge of the world around us and the world within are both paths to personal evolution and wholeness, and accessible through a commitment to continued experience and learning. 



DISCLAIMER:  No course, program, service, or product offered by Holistic Arts Institute, Inc. (HAI) is intended as a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care.  Courses, programs, services, and products provided by HAI are intended solely for personal enrichment and spiritual growth. 


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