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In the Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner Program,

you will complete Usui Reiki Levels I, II, and III.


Thank you so much for making the Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner Program available.  I can’t believe how much and how fast I am learning, and how much fun I am having doing so.  Your courses are the best on the Web! 


~Lauren, Delmar, NY






Just for today, I am without anger.

Just for today, I am without worry.

Just for today, I am grateful for my

many blessings.

Just for today, I am diligent in my

work (meditative practice).

Just for today, I am compassionate to

 myself and every living thing. . . . MORE!



Reiki Shamanism

for the

Modern World



Some visionary Reiki Practitioners have fused aspects of shamanic practices to Reiki, creating expanded ways of working with Universal Life Force through Shamanic Reiki traditions.  The word shaman is a Siberian word for a spiritual healer.  Since ancient times, shamanism has also been practiced in parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland, and native North and South America.  In tribal communities, shamans have acted as healers, doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers.  That shamanic practices have survived and thrived for tens of thousands of years speaks to the potency of the work (Ingerman 7-8). . . . MORE!



Miracles are driven by positive intentions and heartfelt love and compassion.  As Reiki Master/Teachers, whether we formally teach Reiki are not, we can still teach others how to set positive intentions and operate from their hearts by modeling such behaviors.  This is truly what drives the transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  The world is seemingly filled with ordinary people, but take a closer look and you will likely see that none of us really are ordinary at the level of our authentic selves.  Unfortunately, many have forgotten who they truly are, but you on your journey to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher have remembered; and so, Sensei, by simply being what you truly are at the level of your authentic self, you are being the change that needs to be seen in the world.








Tuition:  $295.00 (Save 24%)

Prerequisites:  None




In the Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner Program, you will complete Usui Reiki Levels I, II, and III.  First Degree Reiki focuses on self-healing and physical healing.  Reiki I will open you to the idea of utilizing Reiki Energy for healing our own physical bodies, our friends and families, our animals, plants, food, and environment.  The First Degree class material includes the hand positions used when doing Reiki for the self and others, the Reiki Principles, and the history of Reiki.  Second Degree Reiki focuses on healing at the emotional and mental level.  Reiki II clears negative emotion and thought patterns, assists with addictions, and heals past lives.  It is at this level that you will learn and practice distance healing.  In distance healing, Reiki can be sent to someone at another location nearby, around the world, or beyond the world.  You will receive the Power, Emotional and Mental, and Distant Healing Symbols.  Symbol meanings and how to put them into practice are taught.  Third Degree Reiki focuses on health and healing on the Spiritual Soul level and the teaching of Reiki.  You will learn that we are expressions of the Divine Source, and it is at this level that the healing direction is initiated.  You will receive the Usui Master and Grounding Symbols, as well as some nontraditional symbols, and be taught their meanings and applications.  You will learn how to teach the three degrees and initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process.  The Third Degree training will prepare you to pass the healing system of Reiki on to others. 



The courses required for completion of the Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner Program include: 


Usui Reiki I*   

Usui Reiki II*   

Usui Reiki III   


*Note:  Usui Reiki I and II combined count as one course toward the HHP Program. 


When all course requirements have been met, you will receive personalized Certificates with our gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the titles of Usui Reiki Level I Practitioner (RP I), Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner (RP II), and Usui Reiki Level III Master Teacher and Practitioner (RP III or RMT).  You may then use the appropriate initials RP III or RMT after your name. 



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Tuition:  $295.00 (Save 24%)


RMT Program Installment Plan
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Total $335.00 USD
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