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The essential skills developed in the CA Program will enable you to

start or enhance your own holistic healing business.


Upon completion of the CA Program you will also earn

Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).


Tuition:  $895.00 (Save over 20%!)

Prerequisites:  None



In the HAI Certified Aromatherapist Program, you will become aware that healing takes place on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—and that fragrant essential oils influence the whole being.  You will discover the fascinating history and theory of aromatherapy from ancient uses to modern-day perfumes.  You will gain the knowledge to better visualize and understand the structures and physiological processes of the human body.  You will investigate how fragrant essential oils can influence us physically, emotionally, and mentally, not only by affecting emotions and thoughts, but also by altering hormone production, brain chemistry, stress levels, and general metabolism.  Included are numerous formulas for first-aid treatments, medicinals, aphrodisiacs, skin and hair care, massage oils, and more; updated herbal listings and resources for making your own formulations; and instructions for extracting and blending essential oils at home.  As well, you will come to recognize that learning the language of the chakras and nurturing these spiritual qualities can simultaneously strengthen our physical bodies and help us heal illness and maintain health.  You will discover that essential oils are captured light, passed from the heavens to us by plants.  You will learn how to use fragrance in conjunction with vibrational and energetic healing methods to restore chakra balance and enhance well-being.  You will also cover sections on Ayurvedic aromatherapy and environmental sustainability.  Overall, you will come to understand how aromatherapy embraces holistic healing through lifestyle enhancement, natural prevention, and botanical medicine.  The pioneering research of eminent scientists, insights of leading spiritual teachers, case histories, and hands-on practical experience support learning.  A delightful boxed set of one hundred percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils will further enhance skill development. 


The essential skills developed in the CA Program will enable you to start or enhance your own holistic healing business; integrate aromatherapy in your work as a doctor, nurse, massage therapist, or any other healing profession; or offer your aromatherapy healing expertise in other professional capacities.  Considering that some similar programs may cost thousands of dollars, this program is clearly an astounding value.  But most amazing of all, upon completion of any five HAI courses you will also earn Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). 



The courses required for completion of the Certified Aromatherapist Program include: 


Human Anatomy   

Spontaneous Healing   

Aromatherapy Essentials   

Aromatherapy Healing Arts   

Subtle Aromatherapy*   


*Note: Subtle Aromatherapy counts as two courses toward the HHP program. 


When all course requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate with our gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the title of Certified Aromatherapist.  In addition, upon completion of any five HAI courses you will receive a personalized Certificate with our gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the title of Holistic Health Practitioner.  You may then use the appropriate initials CA and HHP after your name. 



Tuition:  $895.00 (Save over 20%!) 


CA Program Installment Plan
Number of payments 4
Start payments at checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $388.38 USD
Every 2 months (x 3) $204.19 USD
Total $1,000.95 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
All program installment plans must be fully paid before program certificates can be issued. 
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Graduates of HAI programs consisting of five or more courses qualify for Board Certification as Holistic Health Practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  The application will be mailed to you upon graduation from any of our qualifying programs.  You may contact the AADP at 1-888-764-AADP.



About 8 months ago I was searching for a change in my career.  As a full time hospice social worker and a mother of two, I was very excited to find a program that is self-paced and was exactly the change I was looking for.  The Holistic Arts Institute programs offer many different classes and certifications. As I am very interested in natural healing, I chose the Aromatherapy program which consists of five classes.  So far I have completed three of the five classes and have learned more than I could have hoped for.  The classes are very interesting as well as useful and informational.  The staff answers any questions I have in a timely manner and I feel I can contact them any time I need.  The price was very reasonable for the benefits I will receive at the end.  Upon completion of the program I will become a holistic health practitioner for my company. 


~Candace DePaola, PA



Aromatherapy:  Ancient

Wisdom for Modern Times



Although the contemporary practice of modern aromatherapy originated only within the last hundred years, the use of aromatic plant substances for healing purposes can be traced back to all the major ancient civilizations of the world.  Ancient writings describe the use of aromatic herbs, spices, resins, fats, oils, vinegars, wines, beers, and more for rituals, embalming, healing, and beatification.  It is believed that aromatic plants have actually been used by humankind since the dawn of human history. . . . MORE!







At this time, many holistic practitioners choose to work in private practice offering individualized holistic wellness consultations.  Others may be involved in: 


~Holding health seminars. 


~Writing books and articles on various aspects of holistic medicine. 


~Developing DVD and CD programs concerning holistic health. 


~Owning and operating a health food store. 


~Owning and operating a healthy restaurant. 


~Owning and operating a health spa. 


~Owning and operating a holistic clinic. 


~Manufacturing or formulating dietary supplements. 


~Manufacturing or formulating herbal products. 


~Manufacturing or formulating aromatherapy products. 


~Manufacturing or formulating flower essence products. 


~Manufacturing or formulating gem essence products. 


~And much, much more. . . .



Creativity is contagious.



Pass it on.

~Albert Einstein