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You will be given compassionate counsel and practical action steps
for taking up a spiritually based career in angel healing. 


Tuition:  $425.00 (Save over 25%!)

Prerequisites:  None



In the Angel Healing Practitioner Program, you will explore angel healing methods for self-healing, healing others, distant healing, and planetary healing.  You will learn about the area of the brain that is our biological link to the universe and the secret of tapping into the universal energy to achieve healing, personal peace, and transcendence.  You will discover how to communicate directly with God and the angels, and be given several clairvoyant styles for doing so.  You will learn to work with the archangels to release old blocks and toxins; cut cords of fear; heal past-life issues; and gain confidence, courage, and clarity about your life’s purpose and relationships.  You will recognize the importance of light and color, and how the angels of the rays support healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  You will come to understand the connections between angels and crystals, essential oils, and astrology.  You will develop the necessary skills to conduct angel readings for yourself, family, friends, and clients.  You will be given compassionate counsel and practical action steps for taking up a spiritually based career in angel healing.  Additionally, you will receive guidance concerning how angel healers can help themselves while they are helping others.  Scientific studies, case histories, and numerous practical exercises support learning. 


The essential skills developed in the AHP Program will enable you to start or enhance your own holistic healing business; integrate angel healing in your work as a doctor, nurse, massage therapist, or any other healing profession; or offer your angel healing expertise in other professional capacities. 



The courses required for completion of the Angel Healing Practitioner Program include: 


Divine Guidance   

Angel Healing   

Angel Wisdom   


When all course requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate with our gold embossed seal stating that you have been awarded the title of Angel Healing Practitioner.  You may then use the appropriate initials AHP after your name.



Tuition:  $425.00 (Save over 25%!)


AHP Program Installment Plan
Number of payments 4
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Due* Amount
At checkout $187.98 USD
Every 2 months (x 3) $98.99 USD
Total $484.95 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
All program installment plans must be fully paid before program certificates can be issued. 
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Because HAI’s typical student is an adult learner with family and professional responsibilities, our flexible learning format works within your own schedule.  You may enroll at any time and progress at your own pace as the rest of your life plan allows.  Although, learning at HAI is self-paced, we do ask that all courses and programs be completed within two years of the initial enrollment date. 


Most of our courses require about sixty hours of study time.  Some students are able to complete a course in as little as two weeks, while others may take a month or more.  Our programs then, each consisting of three to twelve courses, can easily be completed within one to two years or even less with a regular study routine. 



Affirmations:  Your

Messages for Success



As we expand our consciousness, our belief systems also undergo growth and expansion.  In fact, we discover that anything is possible as impossibility negates the infinite potential of spirit.  Positive affirmations are positive intention statements that are repeated many times to create an impression on the subconscious mind and initiate a creative process.  Positive affirmations are a method of creative visualization since the positive affirmations create mental images.  Creative visualization involves using your imagination to create what you desire in life. . . . MORE!



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