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Spontaneous healing is not a miracle or a lucky exception, but a fact of biology,
the result of the
natural healing system that each of us is born with.


Our educational courses may be taken individually and when any five courses are completed, you will earn Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). 






At HAI, we believe that students who can exhibit the desire, self-discipline, and motivation to learn through independent study are surely deserving of the learning opportunity.  Whether you are eighteen or eighty-eight, high school graduate or doctorate, homemaker or physician, our doors are open. 



The Origins of

Holistic Medicine



Holism and holistic medicine are often thought of as new concepts only recently developed, but they are actually rooted in antiquity.  Ancient cultures such as the Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Native Americans, and others, have applied holistic principles in their healing practices for centuries.  As early as 5,000 B.C., the physician sages formulating the healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from China recognized that health represented a balance of body, mind, spirit, and the universe.  This belief was, and remains, the underlying foundation in the healing traditions of indigenous peoples around the globe. . . . MORE!



When you reduce life

to black and white,



you never see rainbows.

~Rachel Houston








Tuition:  $195.00

Prerequisites:  None


In the HAI Spontaneous Healing Course, you will come to recognize that spontaneous healing is not a miracle or a lucky exception, but a fact of biology, the result of the natural healing system that each of us is born with.  You will learn that the best medicine does not merely combat germs or suppress symptoms, but rather works hand in hand with the body’s natural defenses to manage illness.  You will witness the five myths that stand in the way of healing exposed and dismantled.  You will discover how learning the language of the chakras and nurturing these spiritual qualities can simultaneously strengthen our physical bodies and help us heal illness and maintain health.  Numerous fascinating case histories and medical techniques demonstrate how spontaneous healing has worked to resolve life-threatening diseases, severe trauma, and chronic pain; and how it is also the essential element in the maintenance of our basic daily health.  As well, you will explore a bold new account of the development of consciousness and spirituality over the ages, and examine the dynamic global transformation of attitudes about healing.  Through rituals, prayers and an eight week program for optimal healing power, you will gain the power and wisdom to draw on the sources of health we hold within. 


Upon completion of the Spontaneous Healing Course, you will be able to: 


  • Describe the difference between Hygeian and Asklepian philosophies.
  • Explain how there is no separation of mind and body.
  • Explain that healing is an inherent capacity of life.
  • Describe the significance of acceptance, submission, and surrender in healing.
  • Describe a healing diet.
  • Explain how to protect oneself from toxins.
  • Explain how to use healing tonics.
  • Describe the importance of activity in healing.
  • Describe the importance of rest in healing.
  • Describe the ways belief, thought, mental imagery, and emotion interact with the healing system.
  • Explain how breathwork is a form of spiritual practice.
  • Apply an eight week program for optimal healing power in your own life.
  • Describe the secrets of a Hygeian Practitioner.
  • Define woundology.
  • Describe the five myths about healing.
  • Explain the significance of chakras regarding health.
  • Explain the significance of astrological ages regarding health.
  • Explain the significance of forms of power regarding health.
  • Describe the signals that self-discovery has begun.
  • Provide ten Tribal beliefs about healing.
  • Provide ten Individual beliefs about healing.
  • Provide ten Symbolic beliefs about healing.
  • Apply Three-Column Sight to enhance healing.
  • Apply numerous methods for igniting the healing fire within.
  • Describe how to use the chakras and sacraments for healing.
  • Apply rituals and prayers for optimal healing power in your own life.


With this course, you will receive two text books and an HAI developed course workbook.  When all academic requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion with our gold embossed seal for the Spontaneous Healing Course.  



Tuition:  $195.00


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