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You will come to understand how guided imagery

promotes healing, change, and wholeness.


Our educational courses may be taken individually and when any five courses are completed, you will earn Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). 







At HAI, we believe that students who can exhibit the desire, self-discipline, and motivation to learn through independent study are surely deserving of the learning opportunity.  Whether you are eighteen or eighty-eight, high school graduate or doctorate, homemaker or physician, our doors are open. 



Guided Imagery

in Healing




Imagery is the thought process that invokes and uses the senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, balance, position, and movement.  It is the communication mechanism between perception, emotion, and bodily change.  A major cause of both wellness and sickness, the image is the world’s oldest and greatest healing resource. . . . MORE!



Delight in meditation and solitude.

Compose yourself, be joyful.



You are a seeker.










Tuition:  $205.00

Prerequisites:  None


In the HAI Imagery in Healing Course, you will discover that the systematic use of mental imagery is the world’s oldest and most powerful healing resource.  You will explore the tradition of shamanism, surveying this time-honored way of touching the nexus of the mind, body, and soul; the use of imagery within Western medicine, including a look at contemporary examples of how health care professionals have drawn on the power of the imagination through such methods as hypnosis, biofeedback, and the placebo effect; and the science of immunology to uncover the most effective ground for visualization, and data demonstrating how imagery can have a direct and profound impact on the workings of the immune system.  You will acquire a variety of creative visionary techniques drawn from around the world such as reverie states, personal myths, helping figures, inner light, healing visions, healing imagery, and spiritual transformations.  Moreover, you will come to understand how guided imagery promotes healing, change, and wholeness. 


Upon completion of the Imagery in Healing Course, you will be able to: 


  • Define shaman and shamanism.
  • Describe the role of imagery in the history of medicine.
  • Describe the applications of imagery in modern medicine.
  • Describe the physiological and biochemical correlates of imagery.
  • Describe how imagery serves as an integrative mechanism between mental and physical processes.
  • Explain how imagery can be used as a tool in the behavioral sciences.
  • Describe imagery as cultural phenomena.
  • Explain how immunity is controlled by the brain.
  • Explain how the reverie state is a doorway to healing.
  • Describe the three stages of the hero’s journey.
  • Explain the concept of inner guides as a primary healing tool.
  • Describe guided imagery, shamanic, and spiritual methods for meeting inner guides.
  • Describe the process for experiencing sacred space.
  • Apply guided imagery for increasing confidence and strength.
  • Apply guided imagery for the promotion of healing, change, and wholeness.


With this course, you will receive two text books and an HAI developed course workbook.  When all academic requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion with our gold embossed seal for the Imagery in Healing Course.  



Tuition:  $205.00


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