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You will discover how the healing energy of crystals and gemstones

can be combined with reflexology and acupressure techniques.


Tuition:  $195.00

Prerequisites:  None



In the HAI Gemstone Reflexology Course, you will discover how the healing energy of crystals and gemstones can be combined with reflexology and acupressure techniques.  This fascinating holistic therapy is based on the practitioner’s use of crystal and gemstone wands—amethyst, aventurine, fluorite, heliotrope, rock crystal, rose quartz, rutile quartz, and sodalite—to activate designated pressure points.  When crafted into wands, these crystal and gemstone tools distribute energy broadly through the blunt end, and focus and intensify energy through the pointed end.  This enables the practitioner to apply the perfect amount of pressure at the appropriate locations, and combine into a powerful healing force the energies transmitted by the crystal with those energies released by pressure on the reflexology or acupressure points.  In this course, you will come to understand how to select the appropriate crystal and gemstone wands and identify the appropriate pressure points for particular emotional and physical conditions.  You will develop the skills necessary to direct the specific healing powers of different crystals and gemstones to activate the designated pressure points on the body for positive outcomes.  Of course, you will also learn how to purchase, cleanse, and care for your crystal and gemstone tools.  Provided are beautiful illustrations of the pressure points of the hands and feet, color-coded and mapped from multiple views for easy identification.  A lovely quartz crystal wand accompanied by a convenient black velvet storage bag will enhance learning and skill development with hands-on practical experience. 


Upon completion of the Gemstone Reflexology Course, you will be able to: 


  • Explain the criteria for purchasing gemstone wands. 
  • Explain how to cleanse gemstones. 
  • Describe the healing effects of amethyst.  
  • Describe the healing effects of aventurine. 
  • Describe the healing effects of fluorite. 
  • Describe the healing effects of heliotrope. 
  • Describe the healing effects of rock crystal. 
  • Describe the healing effects of rose quartz. 
  • Describe the healing effects of rutile quartz. 
  • Describe the healing effects of sodalite. 
  • Describe ear acupressure. 
  • Describe foot reflexology. 
  • Explain how to choose the right stone. 
  • Explain how to find the right spot to treat. 
  • Describe gemstone reflexology and acupressure therapies for common health problems. 
  • Apply gemstone reflexology in your daily life. 
  • Apply gemstone reflexology in your holistic practice. 


With this course, you will receive one text book, a reflexology chart, an HAI developed course workbook, and a crystal healing wand.  When all academic requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion with our gold embossed seal for the Gemstone Reflexology Course. 



Tuition:  $195.00


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Our educational courses may be taken individually and when any five courses are completed, you will earn Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). 



I absolutely love the gemstone reflexology course—it is wonderful.  Not only is the subject interesting, but HAI has done an incredible job putting together the course materials and work book.  I have learned so much and cannot wait to integrate gemstone reflexology into my Tui Na practice and personal life. 


~Stephanie Lawrence



Crystal Therapy:

An Initiation by Spirit



There is not a formal attunement for crystal therapy; it is an initiation by Spirit.  By allowing each crystal to speak directly to our hearts and work, its energies amplify our own innate healing powers to bring peace and spiritual harmony to people, animals, plants, spaces, and the Earth.  My initiation into crystal and stone work occurred when I was five when my grandparents, avid rock hounds, took me to Agate Beach on the Oregon Coast for a day of treasure hunting.  Grandma Evelyn gave me a big empty coffee can to fill with the naturally polished beach stones that I collected that day, my treasures—jaspers, carnelians, moss agates—and I have been collecting and working with crystals and stones ever since. . . . MORE!






Because HAI’s typical student is an adult learner with family and professional responsibilities, our flexible learning format works within your own schedule.  You may enroll at any time and progress at your own pace as the rest of your life plan allows.  Although, learning at HAI is self-paced, we do ask that all courses and programs be completed within two years of the initial enrollment date. 


Most of our courses require about sixty hours of study time.  Some students are able to complete a course in as little as two weeks, while others may take a month or more.  Our programs then, each consisting of three to twelve courses, can easily be completed within one to two years or even less with a regular study routine. 



The greatness of a nation

and its moral progress



can be judged by the way

its animals are treated.

~Mahatma Gandhi