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You will learn how all visible illness is preceded by invisible illness
which is a disturbance in the energy flow around the body.


Our educational courses may be taken individually and when any five courses are completed, you will earn Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). 



Crystal Therapy:

An Initiation by Spirit



There is not a formal attunement for crystal therapy; it is an initiation by Spirit.  By allowing each crystal to speak directly to our hearts and work, its energies amplify our own innate healing powers to bring peace and spiritual harmony to people, animals, plants, spaces, and the Earth.  My initiation into crystal and stone work occurred when I was five when my grandparents, avid rock hounds, took me to Agate Beach on the Oregon Coast for a day of treasure hunting.  Grandma Evelyn gave me a big empty coffee can to fill with the naturally polished beach stones that I collected that day, my treasures—jaspers, carnelians, moss agates—and I have been collecting and working with crystals and stones ever since. . . . MORE!



Out beyond ideas of

wrong doing and right doing,



there is a field.

I will meet you there.









Tuition:  $195.00

Prerequisites:  None


In the HAI Energy Healing Essentials Course, you will explore the scientific evidence that reveals the truth about the existence of multidimensional energy fields and unlocks their potential for enhancing health.  You will learn how all visible illness is preceded by invisible illness which is a disturbance in the energy flow around the body.  Energetic disturbances not detected and corrected eventually will crystallize into the form of the body and produce physical changes.  You will explore the basic techniques of energy healing including sensing energy, clearing energy blockages, eliminating negative self-talk, using affirmations, balancing the chakras, cleansing the auric field, relieving pain, and creating forgiveness.  Illustrations and step-by-step instructions will enable you to gain insight into how to function as a multidimensional being and how to awaken and develop your own healing gifts. 


Upon completion of the Energy Healing Essentials Course, you will be able to: 


  • Explain the basic causes of ill health and injury.
  • Explain how energy healing can release an energy blockage.
  • Define the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects of the mind.
  • Explain how creative intention may be utilized as a healing tool.
  • Describe the qualities of a good healer.
  • Explain the importance of unconditional love in healing.
  • Explain the importance of centering and grounding.
  • Explain how healing energy may be transferred.
  • Describe how to cleanse and seal the auric field.
  • Describe how to cleanse and balance the chakras.
  • Demonstrate the processes of hands-on energy healing.
  • Demonstrate the processes of distant energy healing.
  • Describe appropriate self-care during a healing crisis.
  • Explain how to release excess and negative energies after a healing session.
  • Apply the principles of creating a safe environment in their energy healing practice.
  • Explain how the human body generates electromagnetic fields.
  • Explain the interplay between the heart and the brain.
  • Explain how the body and energy field can be strengthened.
  • Describe energy healing testing in the laboratory.
  • Describe medical intuition testing in the laboratory. 
  • Describe seven theories of energy healing effects.
  • Describe Spirit’s role in energy healing.
  • Explain how we are all energy healers.


With this course, you will receive two text books and an HAI developed course workbook.  When all academic requirements have been met, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion with our gold embossed seal for the Energy Healing Essentials Course.  



Tuition:  $195.00


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